~ Summer With You ~

And now that it is summer
in the country's where we'll be
Along an endless winding lane
in sweet tranquility

Farm houses dotting hillsides
lambs bleating plaintively
Blue skies panoramic
To frame this peaceful scene

There in sun drenched fields of summer
we would splash across a brook
Rest awhile upon a hay bale
and whistle through a wood

With joy we'd climb atop a pepper tree
and scan the rolling hills
Sing along with calling birds
and just sit there very still

Then skip though golden fields of grain
gathering pretty flowers
As we run on home for lemon tea
to dodge the summer showers

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007

Might summer be too short for all the
thoughts we want to play, all the walks we
want to take, all the birds we want to sing
and all the friends we want to see.

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