~ Sun Kissed ~

Can you not see the sparkle in each flowers face?
Blessed by God above reflections of angel's wings
Are they just butterflies fluttering about?
Look at all the joy each flower brings

Each new sunny day all flowers are
Sun kissed and angels dew,
And the rain surely makes them grow
Keeping the flowers fresh and new

Walking barefoot on a rug of grass
Feels so good beneath your feet
God created each shiny view
Nothing compares nor can you beat

Sun kissed flowers by Our Lord above
He does have helpers who till the land
Thatís why he created Adam and Eve
Gardening or farming is done by hand

A gardener who loves their land is joyous
They say itís not work but just a hobby
Rows of flowers and even a vegetable bed
Roses, Iris, Tulips, and bright red Poppies

On Sundays the gardener rests in a hammock
Watching the flowers sway in the slightest breeze
As if they dance, and he smiles to see his garden done
A gorgeous view enjoyed by all even those who sneeze

2006 © Joyce Ann Geyer
Poet N My Soul

Do not neglect the spiritual gift that is within youÖ
1 Timothy 4:14

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