~ Sun-kissed Sleepy Hollow ~

I saw a little sunbeam
Come creeping o'er the hill,
It's soft and tender tendrils
Exploding there at will.

Escaping from the grill of night
The sky began to fill,
With a myriad of sunbeams
Their glowing warmth to spill.

Some touched the sleepy flock of birds
Arousing cheery call,
Others crept into the flower bed
Where dewdrops longed to fall.

The rooster crowed, to one and all
Hens to settle at their lay,
Frisky lambs skipped out to play
So glad to say hello to day.

Little sunbeams unfolding wonder
Curling in just like they do,
Now they're gently creeping up to warm
The very heart of you.

Soft Whispers for you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2005

The east is blossoming! Yea, a rose,
Vast as the heavens, soft as a kiss,
Sweet as the presence of woman is,
Rises and reaches, and widens and grows
Large and luminous up from the sea,
And out of the sea, as a blossoming tree,
Richer and richer, so higher and higher,
Deeper and deeper it takes its hue;
Brighter and brighter it reaches through
The space of heaven and the place of stars,
Till all is as rich as a rose can be,
And my rose-leaves fall into billows of fire.
Joaquin Miller

And yonder fly God's scattered golden arrows,
To smite the hills with day.
Bayard Taylor

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