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How many times have I awakened to gray skies,
When I had hoped that the sky would be blue?
How many times have I longed to see sunshine,
Instead I saw dark clouds, ominous to view?

And just when I thought the day would be long,
With nothing to make my heart bright,
Along you came with your sunshine and rainbows,
And turned my day from darkness to light.

Youíre the perfect example of everything good,
Because of the Light that shines from your eyes.
The joy that you bring by just being yourself,
Takes the gray out of all of our skies.

The sunshine you bring and the rainbows that follow,
You leave wherever you go.
With your God given gift, you spread sunshine and rainbows,
And touch hearts that you donít even know.

Nothing shines brighter than a twinkle from Heaven,
Sent by the smile or soft words of a friend.
The laughter and joy that you bring to my gray skies,
Today, brought me sunshine and rainbows again.

Written by Karen Bunker
© January 16, 2008

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