~ Sweet Father God ~

Sweet Father God, do you see me?
In this life, and so carefree
Doing my best to never fall
Because God, I know, you made us all

Lifting my eyes towards heaven's view
Giving my heart, to only you
Trying my best to always be strong
In your love, where I belong

Sometimes my tears, have fallen like rain
When I have doubted, but they quickly refrain
Just one thought of you, dries my eyes
It's then I know, you've heard my cries

Oh sweet Jesus, stay always with me
Bring me up, how you want me to be
Keep me close always, do not drop me down
Hold me high, before I hit the ground

And when it's time for me to come back home
Let me take with me, all the love I've known
Give me your hand, and cradle me
Leave my eyes open, so it's you I can see.

Debbie Looney 07/06/2007


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Music: Everywhere I Go
Sequenced by CCM MIDI
Permission Granted
Artist: Amy Grant

Brought to you by www.spiritisup.com 2007