~ Sweet Fragrance ~

Oh butterfly, sweet butterfly
Come rest your ceaseless flight,
Alight your gossamer touch,
I'd like to share your light.

What do you tell us then
If you live here, for a day.
What are the secrets, you will share
What would you have to say.

Do you fret from where you came
Or where it's leading to,
Will you savor every moment,
And claim the sun for you.

You flit with restless vigor
Carried on the gentle breeze,
Do you alight on every flower
To tickle and to tease.

Then when the day is done,
And your moments are all gone,
How do you choose to pass away
What do you rest upon.

A life lived, is so short
A moment here and then it's passed,
If we too, enjoy the daisies
Will that make the memories last.

As we gather up sweet nectar,
Is it ours to save,
What fragrance sweet will linger,
From the loving that we gave.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
2002 used with permission

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 Midi is used with permission
2002 Bruce DeBoer


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