~ Sweet Memories Are You ~

You take me into somewhere
In all that you bear
In my yesterdays, todays, tomorrows
You are already there

For you are of a memory
Deep inside of me
Resounding and repeating
Of everywhere I've been

All that I am, have seen
You are of the who I am
And go wherever here I go
Holding to my hand

A shadow of a mystery
Inexplicably one
Wrapped within the all I know
Of all I ever loved

There is naught to be explained
It remains of the unknown
Why my friend became as one
I feel I've always known


Soft whispers for my forever friend from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007

My friend walked into my story
as though penned in every part
How can I thank God
for the miracle of your heart

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For Mama
2000 Yuko Ohigashi

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