~ Sweet Things We Like ~

Snowflakes on noses
And whispers to listen
Sunsets, all golden
And soft, furry kittens

Raindrops in woodlands
And star shining twilight
Your happy friendship
From morning til night

Snowballs in winter
Flowers in spring
Leaves in the autumn
Then summer we sing

Babies to cuddle
Grandkids to love
A friend just to share with
And someone to hug

A flower's soft perfume
Their beauty to show
Velvet rose friendships
So sweet to know

Such are the wonders
The joys that we like
God gives us much pleasure
The beauty of life.


Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems May 2009

You may never be able
to see all the wonders of the world,
or trek across it's plains of
foreign land, but do not feel
cheated, because every
blessed day that you are alive
you see the awesome
wonder where you stand.

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