~ Take Heed ~

No one is at home
To take your call
Times are tough
It's affecting us all.

Looking for a job
To pay the rent
No money saved
It's all been spent.

The cupboards are bare
No food to eat
It's cold outside
There is no heat.

Eviction is looming
They don't care
We'll be homeless
Naked and bare.

So many hurting
So many in need
Reclaiming houses
There's so much greed.

Where is the justice?
Why aren't they in jail?
Is this a solution?
With this tarp-out bail?

You use our taxes
Bonus checks you take
The economy is suffering
It's our backs you break.

But why should you care
You're doing fine
You've raped us all
You've crossed that line.

You've stolen from us
So you can live
The life of the rich
And never give.

The time will come
When you will see
That what you've done
Didn't affect just me.

So many are lost
And stumbling around
Looking for work
There's none to be found.

Better take heed
You greedy ones
The end is near
What's done is done.


Chee Chee Martin 2009
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul
Whispered Words

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