~ Take Me Into Your Heart, Dear Jesus ~

Take me into Your heart, Dear Jesus
I am blind, I want to see
Take me into Your heart, Dear Jesus
Can You hear the prayer
That comes from me

You have been with me since I was born
Bitter tears, You have seen me cry
Yet You gave me this gift for the world to see
In "God's Art" I will always fly

Take me into Your heart, Dear Jesus
Whatever You ask I must do
For You gave Your blood for everyone
In my heart, I will forever be true

I give You my pain and suffering
For me You were beaten
With nails in Your hands and feet
You gave Your life
So I could live
You give me Your strength to fight

I thought I was at the end of the line
Until You whispered in my ear
I your burden bear
Take Me into your heart, Dear Child
I, Your Savior, go with you everywhere.

Linda Ann Henry 2006
Do you remember me
The People's poet

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