~ Take My Hand ~

If at times you're feeling up against it
and you feel you'll truly fall
When life is slipping all away
take my hand
I'll be here on God to call

When it all seems just too hard
and tomorrow looks too grim
If you don't know what to do
take my hand
Together we can talk to Him

For we have His strength within
the Creator is in me and you
We can claim all of His promises
take my hand
We'll ask Him what to do

He can manage all that is ahead
and lift us high above
We can climb into His power
take my hand
We'll rest within His love

His wondrous life is ours to keep
we can trust in all He is
To find all that we need
take my hand
As He carries us through this

Let's call upon His name today
and find He fights for me and you
He can do all things
take my hand
Together we will know it's true


Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006


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