~ Take My Heart ~
There's a hole a-borin' in my heart
Would it need a little patchin'
Maybe it has sprung a leak
I'm sure it is a-breakin'
I cannot function at my best
My thoughts are all askew
Why can't I concentrate
I ponder this with you
The moments are a-blur
And yesterday is gone
Tomorrow may be better
What can I lean upon
Maybe if you take my heart
And see what you can do
Send it back when it is fixed
I'd be obliged to you
Just wrap it as you feel is best
Maybe bind it very tight
Fill it up with all it needs
With all the lovin' you can find
Then send it back post haste
And I'll put it in it's place
But do be quick about the huggin'
I don't think I can wait.
Soft Whispers for special you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006
If it wasn't for the world of cyberspace
I never would have known such a blessed luvin' person such as you
Jenny Rhoe

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