~ Take One Day At A Time ~

One foot in front of other
small steps at a time
look within for answers
clear your troubled mind

bridges we cross are many yet,
we make it in the end
hang on tight move forward
fight the fight
my friend

live for today, the morrow
yesterday now is past
enjoy your ride
with gusto
let every moment last

you may fall and stumble
land flat on your face
pick yourself up
start over
you haven't lost the race

quitting is so easy
fight back
with all you've got
you must be strong
believe within your heart

although your trials are many
things can turn around
believe in the impossible
find your solid ground

stare back at face of evil
don't let it take control
toss aside life's garbage
prepare a brand new mold

when all seems lost 'n hopeless
you wonder, what's the use
count up daily blessings
He's given only you

look to sky for rainbow
storms clouds never last
the sun will come tomorrow
troubles will soon pass

soar high with all the eagles
reach for brightest star
believe in you, as I do
allow the sun to shine

we'll get through storm together
walking hand in hand
today, tomorrow, always
we're best of friends

Rose Marie Streeter


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