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~ Take Time ~

Don't make yourself a slave
To the chores you have to tend
Sit down, and relax often
Take time for family, and friends

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Don't run when you feel tired
Or fret when things go wrong
Take time to smell the flowers
Give your spirit a new song

Take the time to feel contented
Take the time you need to mend
Don't worry about the little things
There will be time on those to spend

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God expects us to be joyful
In everything we do
So if things are getting to you
Take time for only YOU

Get back that joyful spirit
You had not long ago
Then the chores won't be so heavy
To carry as you go

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Make time for you to notice
All the blessings that surround
Then when those things come up to tackle
You'll meet them with a smile, not a frown

Don't push yourself to feel
Like your work is never through
It will be there when you're ready
Just take time out for YOU

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Debbie Looney 2005
Dedicated to my sister Judi


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