Talking to You, God !!

So often I need to talk with you,
I love you Lord, yes I do.
Down on my knees I get to pray,
Sometimes 4 or 5 times a day.

I clasp my hands and bow my head,
Then I let my words be said.
I talk to you about daily life,
I share with you, my joy and strife.

It seems I let go, of all despair,
Just knowing that ,You are there.
I feel such peace within my soul,
And once again I feel whole.


I don't know what I would do,
If daily I couldn't talk to you.
I draw strength from your love,
Thank You Father high above.

I tremble to think how it would be,
If Lord, you did not know me.
Without all the goodness that you bring,
Life wouldn't be worth a thing.


I hold onto your precious name,
I pray I haven't brought too much shame.
I don't always follow you,
I do things I know I shouldn't do.

But unlike others, you judge me not,
My past is forgiven and forgot.
And when I fall on my knees to pray,
My sins are forgiven on that day.


How could we, here below,
Judge others, we don't even know.
Father God, let me see,
Through your eyes, honesty.

Let me not be quick to judge,
Or against another, hold a grudge.
Help me to be more like you,
In everything I say and do.

That is why I need to pray,
And to do it everyday,
Thank You Lord for loving me,
To others, might I, a blessing be !!


Brenda D King 2006

We have to let God work in our life,
Without Him we are Nothing,
With Him, We can endure all things,
Be all things, Do all things !!




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