~ Talk To A Friend ~

If you are tired and worn at the close of day
Somehow things are not going your way
And when your patience has come to an end
Stop, take time out and talk to a friend.

Could be a friend has walked the same road
With a troubled heart and a heavy load
Finding peace somewhere near the end
Because she stopped to talk to a friend.

We often find most welcome words of cheer
From someone willing to lend an ear
Troubles do not exist that God cannot mend
Pray and find quick relief, talk to a friend.

My life is filled with happiness today
God has given me peace along the way
Love and courage He does extend
Standing beside me as I talk to a friend.

Glenna M. Baugh 2006
Living by Faith

"When your heart is heavy, talk to a friend"
Quote by Glenna

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