That Majestic, Tall Oak Tree

 I strolled along the river bank
Where the water flowed so free,
It was then I saw it standing there,
That majestic, tall oak tree.

 Its branches reached out far and wide,
And its trunk was huge around.
I just sat in awe and marveled,
At the treasure I had found.

 I wondered just how old it was,
And the stories it could tell,
As it stood above the others
In this park, where it did dwell. 

How many birds had made their home,
On a branch where they could hide?
And look, there’s a squirrel’s nest,
Over on that other side.

I imagined some poor, weary traveler,
On a hot and sunny day,
Had stopped to sit and rest awhile,
Before going on his way.

I thought of all the years it stood,
And the changes it had known,
From the time it was a sapling,
Till the day that it was grown.

 I think of all the things I love,
And the things that I can see,
One of my favorites, on this green earth,
Is the majestic, tall oak tree.

 Lu Dube
© 8/25/2003 used with permission


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