~ Tears of Silence ~

The cards have been stacked against me, or so it seems
I wish I could wake up, to find that this is just a dream
But that will not happen, as truth now comes to bear
All I have left, is hope that always will be there

The loss of love that I have written so much about
That it will return all, now is much in doubt
My health has been given such a deadly blow
How it will affect me, I still do not know

For money is so tight, I need to cut way back
To loss of computer or even phone, so no more chat
And all the words needed to be said, will be on hold
As for how long, such a future can't be told

There is much I need to say, before all contact is lost
To show how dearly, this silence will surely cost
As all the people I have learned to love in this world
Without this net connection, never would have heard

These tears you see running down my cheeks
Are tears of silence, of words that I may never more speak
To friends online and all who read what I reveal
My thoughts in verse, that in my heart I feel

Gary Salter 2007

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