~ Telephone Woes ~

On the phone again to correct a wrong,
Instructions given to someone in Nanchang.
Language difficulties seem to occur,
My order taken, instructions a blur.
Address repeated, phone number misread,
I shuddered as I was filled with dread.

Exasperated, nerves on edge,
Trying so hard not to create a wedge.
In communication across the seas,
Please someone help, Oh please!

Heart beating wildly, hands aquiver,
Sat down, my body in a shiver.
Too late I realized with a start,
Not using my brain, not so smart.
I knew all at once where help could be found,
It's from someone within, who's always around.

Getting down on my bended knees,
Praying to my Creator who hears my pleas.
My God, My Father above,
All Powerful, All knowing, He's Love.
Give me the patience, understanding I seek,
To deal on the phone, turn the other cheek.

Contentment and calmness assured,
A peaceful conversation as I mature.
Thank you God for showing me the way,
Of dealing correctly with folks in Paraguay!


Joan C. Nelson-Payne

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