~ Tender Little Leaf ~

A little leaf holds untold beauty
The most tender autumn leaf,
Designed with shape and color
And so much hope to give.

We pluck it off to gently hold
And there within our hand,
Gaze with wonder at the detail
The lines our God has planned.

Symmetry beyond belief
Each intricate vein to see,
Just like the Lord created
Uniquely, all of you and me.

One little leaf of many
What can but one achieve,
One among the multitudes
What e'er can one, then give.

To hang upon the branch of life
Essential in that place,
Fulfilling balance, allure
Just where it should most grace.

Providing shade and sure protection
For those who come with need,
Sharing all the nourishment
That God would give to live.

Born right there, to be a blessing
Display the hand of God,
And even more in age imparting
By transforming into gold.


Soft Autumn Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2008

"I am more than of the whirling dust,
and fading light in winds of night;
I am a chosen one of the most high God,
with heaven for my heart's delight.
I am more than a twinkle in starry skies,
and beyond unknowns of man;
I am eternal on my homeward way,
and an heir within My Father's hand."


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