For Terri
Who could not speak for herself

Michael, why can't you see
What you have done to one so weak?
One who showed her will to live,
Yet one who could not speak?

Think it's over? Well think some more!
You think you won? You passed the test?
She fought so hard to live, not die,
But now she lies in Eternal Rest!

She laid so dignified, so surreal.
She couldn't utter a single word!
But now she sings in an angel's choir,
And lives Forever with our Lord!

Her flesh of flesh, her bone of bone
From whom her creation got it's start.
You denied them their last wish
You crushed their spirit, broke their heart!

You ended her life here on this earth
But, Terry died with dignity!
Terry won, not you, cruel man
For thru Jesus there is Victory!

And when you get up to Heaven's Gate,
And the Judge of Judges asks you "Why?"
I hope you beg forgiveness when
You look The Savior in the eye!

Is it over? Is it finished, is it through?
It's not over till the end!
When you account for your wrong doings
And beg forgiveness for your sin!

I pray that you will see what you've done
Before the time gets too late!
May God have mercy on your soul,
When you get to Heaven's Gate!

To Terry's family:
I pray in vigilance for your comfort in knowing that Terry is with our Savior and has found Eternal rest! Truly there is Victory thru our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!! I know it will be impossible to forget the cruel thing that Michael has done, but please strive to forgive as our Master has commanded, for through this forgiveness will you find the peace and comfort you so deserve! May God be with you always, and may Michael come to see the act he has committed for what it truly is!

In And Through Christ's Love!

Poem by Lynn King
Copyright April 1, 2005




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