~ Thanksgiving ~
There are really two words
There is "thanks" and there is "giving"
Sometimes, not enough "thanks"
For the life that we are living.

There are so many others
Who don't share our blessing
Who, are lucky to eat at all
Much less than turkey/dressing.

Some don't even have a roof
No place, they can call home
Sleeping under the bridges
Or hallways that they roam.

No decent clothes against the cold
Holes in the shoes on their feet
Usually scorned by those of us
They may pass by on the street.

In this great land of plenty
It seems to me, a horrid crime
That we cant take care of our own
In such a prosperous time.

The "bottom line", "what can I make?"
"What things can I go and buy?"
"I can go in debt for Christmas gifts."
But, cant spare a buck for "that" guy.

Seems, some of us are into "thanks"
(Though most, take it for granted)
And all we want is more and more
Of what greed's seed has planted.

Wonder what it would be like
If we cared as much about "giving"
I think it would make a better life
Than, the one, that we are living!

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