~ Thanks Living ~

Have you noted, how dark shades of night
Complement the dawn of light,
How misty moving shadows
Give a different slant on sight.

Have you watched when coal-black skies
Reveal the glowing stars,
And felt the chill of frosty air
Compounding warmth of heart.

Have you observed, how being ill
Awakens walking as a thrill,
And why saddest deprivation
Discloses what is 'filled.'

Have you grieved how war cries freedom
As fear reveals what's safe,
While hate, discloses love
That we so dearly crave.

Have you detected, bitter things
Grant us the joy of sweet,
How rough, unpleasant poverty
Magnifies a tender treat.

Have you perceived deception
Manifesting what is right,
And death, within this world
Demanding, where is life.

The Lord is calling out, breakthrough
For thanks-living here to find,
By granting, such divergence
His heart, is only kind.

We can but thank Him for the wisdom
As our hearts seek to adapt,
To know the joy, in great or small
When life is filled with thanks.

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2008

"Our hearts will be protected
from becoming hard as clay,
if we but breathe thanks-living
as the love of each new day"

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