Thank You Firefighter ~

Poised to hear the bell alarm,
Firemen, ready on the edge,
To give their life, their strength and might
A fire to put to rest.
At just a moment's notice
They will rise as one to spend,
Don boots and coats and gear
A raging fire to tend.
With engine at the throttle, speed
Their soul's e'er sacrificed,
Each heart astir, intent
By faith, they will arise.

A wall of power, protection
Compelled to forge ahead,
They will be strong, they will endure
Though filled with fearsome dread.
Searching at the scene to find
The ones in need of care,
As courageous and the brave,
May God surround them there.
Empower them with You, Oh God,
For what they must forebear,
In all that seems surreal, too great,
We praise God for their care.

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems Feb 2010


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