And together, we shall ever be
One and two and three
Just imagine it in heaven
Friends forevermore to see

All gathered there collectively
Every one you and I have loved
Mutually, consistently
Hand in hand as one

As side by side in fields of daisies
We'll sit and reminisce
For to join with friends you know
Will be the purest bliss

And then, no more to separate
No time, nor night will come
In one accord we'll forever 'be'
United in God's love

Soft 4eva whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2008

For every one who loves the Lord
there comes the light from heaven.
And when those destined to be friends find they are,
the stream of light flows together,
and a single ray of love shines from their united hearts.
~ by Unknown ~

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Over The Rainbow
Music by Harold Arlen, Lyric by E.Y. Harburg
Midi Prep by JHall, GM, The Corner Lounge:

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