~ Thank You, Friend! ~

If at times I'm distant
silent, out of touch
I'm hiding in the shadows
'n missing you so much

Never once forgetting
the friendship we two share
bonded by our heartstrings
acceptance always there

The many times you listened
or lent a helping hand
all the tears and laughter
the way you understand

There were no expectations
our friendship grew 'n grew
without pretend or make-up
it was real, we knew

Heart to heart connection
warm imprints of the soul
lasting us a lifetime
like history stories told

Thank you for the rainbows
'aft each raging storm
'n thank you for the boosters
helping me stay strong

Thank you for encouraging
when self-worth went astray
thanks for all your guidance
each time I lost my way

Your little rays of sunshine
that brighten gloomy days
the love 'n hugs of friendship
so freely sent my way

The little acts of kindness
your warm and caring heart
compassion, understanding
when life just fell apart

If at times I'm silent
seem distant, out of touch
I'll be within the shadows
missing you so much

Perchance I died tomorrow
'n didn't say good-by
remember that I loved you
'n never question why

Rose Marie Streeter 07/26/06

Friends supply the salve needed
to mend the hurts of life 'n pick us up
when we stumble or fall as we often do.

Rose Marie Streeter


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