Thank You Friends

To all my friends in cyber space,
I just have to let each of you know
That in my heart you have a place
Where our friendship seems to grow.

A seed was planted some time ago,
Then nurtured with love and caring
The letters we sent, I want you to know,
Have lightened my load through sharing.

You were always there to laugh with me,
To make me smile when I was blue.
And I always knew that I was free
To safely share my thoughts with you.

And you would listen, but never judge.
When I'd complain life was not fair.
Kind words to me you'd never begrudge,
Always letting me know that you care.

But, friendship is a two-way street,
So, I hope that I have been there for you,
That your needs I have been able to meet
With a friendship we both know is true.

So, thank you my cyber friends so dear,
For all the happiness you bring my way.
Just these words I want you to hear,
That I love you more with each passing day.

That you do have a spot in my heart
Where only you will occupy that place.
It makes no difference we live far apart.
For I love my friends in cyber space.


Kate E.
used with permission


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Alternate "Tell A Friend" Mailer

Alternate "Tell A Friend" Mailer

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