~ Thank You Is Never Enough ~

Thank you Lord for such a beautiful day
You ever so lovingly sent my way
For the blessings you laid across my path
I had all I needed, had no lack

But just to say thank you is never enough
When I've been given so very much
So I will bow on my knees and send a prayer
Praising you for your special care

There's so much love in my heart for you
Every day that I live it's fresh and new
But I keep falling in love with you over again
For the love you have that cleansed my sin

So now as the sun is beginning to set
I want you to know I will never forget
The price it cost You at Calvary
Just so this world could be set free

Now Lord as I say goodnight to you
I know I will rest in sweet peace
Because you see with your watchful eye
Right here where I am from your throne on high

Betty Hill 2006


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