~ Thank You Mom ~

Some mothers are tall and willowy
And some mothers are short and sassy
But my mother is very special
She is a different sort, but classy.

Granted, she looks just like a child
Her stature and features are quite small
Kids follow her around all the time
At the store and even at the mall.

But don't let her height fool you
Dynamite comes in small packages you know
She doesn't let her age slow her down
She's always on the go.

She's passed her values on to me
Her beliefs and how you should live
How to always strive for something better
And be willing to always give.

I'm not the mirror image of her
But I respect her in so many ways
I owe her this and so much more
How could I ever repay.

All I can do is live my life
Honoring her and how I was raised
To continue to broaden all my horizons
To sing and laud her in praise.

This is a way I can let her know
Just how much she means to me
I've said the words a dozen times
But now I can make her see.

How grateful and blessed I truly feel
For everything she has done
For the part of her she has given me
Showing me how to live and have fun.


Chee Chee Martin 5-1-05

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