Thank You Party

Today is such a special celebration
For it is my thank you day
To thank you for your friendship
For all you do and say

I could make a simple cup of tea
A little party on the porch
For you'd love that most of all
But, I'd like to do much more

If I owned a laurel wreath
I'd lay it on your brow
Place a gold medallion around your neck
And buy flowers for you now

I'd take you out to dinner
For a most delicious feast
Write your name in glittering gold
Upon an honor list

I'd ride you in a chariot
Be-crown your heart with gold
Sit you on a royal throne
But, my dear, your hand I'd gently hold

I so appreciate your friendship
How loving's your resolve
So I made for you a thank you party
For today you must be told

Soft thank you whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007

You deserve the windows of heaven
pour forth a hundredfold

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midi..." MORNING MOOD " - Grieg
Midi prep by Mel Webb
from the PIANIST series by PG Music


Brought to you by 2007