~ That Certain Person ~

Every once in a while there comes along,
A person you already knew.
Even though you know you just met her,
She seems to know everything about you.

She says the right things and does the right things,
And she is always ready to follow your lead.
A friend who will send you the sunshine,
And a rainbow too, if that’s your need.

This person is always beside you,
No matter how far you may roam.
She will help you in times of confusion,
She will wait til you're ready to come home.

So, when God sends you that certain person,
Be careful to make sure that she knows,
Just how much you appreciate her time,
And all of the love that she shows.

And then when you feel that she needs you,
Try to be a good friend like she’s been.
Always be there when she needs your care.
And the friendship cycle will start over again.

Karen Bunker © 3-6-08

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