Four planes took to the sky that day
Not knowing what fate was at hand
Thousands went to their jobs that day
Not knowing what cowards had planned

The hijackers knew they would die that day
Not so the airliner crews
Nor the innocent people who passed away
Nor their families receiving the news

The Statue of Liberty
Who'd welcomed them all
Stood silently watching that day
As the planes took dead aim
And destroyed all those lives
The Lady had nothing to say

The World Trade Center, The Pentagon
Three of the four hit their mark
The Lady watched as the fire and smoke
Still billowed there long after dark

Then came the night when the rains poured in
As the Angels cried for us all
With thunder and lightning, like wrath against sin
Throughout it The Lady stood tall

Some say it might have been the smoke,
Some say it was only the rain
But, for me, I saw a teardrop fall
As The Lady joined in our pain!

By Janeane Bolton 2001
used with permission




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