~ That Fateful Day ~
On that fateful September day
Many reported for work the usual way,
Not knowing their life would end,
Not knowing hate had a message to send.
Those who planned it must have felt proud
Watching on TV a frightened screaming crowd.
So many innocent lives would be lost,
But, their hate demanded this high cost.
Three long years have now gone past.
For family and friends the pain will last
With empty arms, empty beds, empty chairs.
A loss so tragic that nothing ever compares.
What have we done to deserve such hate?
Will they be the ones to determine our fate?
As a country we give  much more than we get,
Now we face terrorists with an evil mindset.
We are not alone, these terrorist to face.
No country is safe--they can strike anyplace.
Will they be allowed to hold the world hostage,
Under the threat of a suicide bombing outrage?
Now, the entire world should unite,
Join together, stand side be side to fight,
Eliminate those that target the innocent.
For, with certainty, they will never repent.
How can all those souls rest in peace
When this senseless killing does not cease?
How many more innocent victims must die?
How many more families must sit and cry?
Oh, that terrible fateful September day
When evil came and we all knelt to pray.
A day none should ever forget or forgive
If ever, in peace, we will once more live.
Kate E. 2004


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