~ The Theater Of My Mind ~

Words are playing 'skip-to-ma-lu'
Jumping bouncing in my mind
Thoughts come crashing together
To be written into rhyme

Images that only I can see
Within the confines of my mind
A cinema of thoughts in action
Until written line by line

Sometimes hurts and heartaches
Hiding down between the lines
Some tears and also sorrow
That might be told in time

I see a gentle ocean wave
Singing a melody passing by
Somewhere in the shadows
A ballet catches my eye

A story now of lovers
Where love and hate collide
Words of pain and heartache
Still trying somehow to hide

I awaken to the starlit sky
Then I jump out of bed
My pen unscrambles the musings
Playing games inside my head

Until I've told the story
By writing it line by line
The cinema continues playing
In the Theater Of My Mind


Yolanda Cohen 2005

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