~ The Bridge Across ~

Our world is full of sadness
'bout war o'er land and sea
evil and destruction
homeless, poor 'n hungry

People passing judgment
kidnappings everyday
child abuse 'n murder
drugs running through the veins

Making a living on street corners
beating a helpless spouse
distrust of those around us
afraid to leave the house

Hate of one another
cold hearts made of stone
the hopeless and the weary
so often walk alone

The bridge across reality
leaves me sick inside
looking for the answers
will it change in time

The past is gone forever
tomorrow, not yet here
today, we can make choices
with visions very clear

Cross the bridge to friendship
let nothing hold you back
show an act of kindness
bring light to days of black

Love thy neighbor, as thyself
open up your heart
clearing troubled waters
is where we need to start

Look above for guidance
listen to His words
we can make a difference
in this troubled world

Together, we can do it
but first you must believe
that miracles can happen
if on His words we feed

Reach out your hand
in friendship
allow the world to see
that nothing is impossible
it starts with you and me

Rose Marie Streeter

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Mitch McVicker midi...My Deliverer Rich Mullins
Sequenced by Brian William
(c) 1998 Liturgy Legacy Music

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