Oh little town of Bethlehem
Nestled 'tween the rolling hills!
The star lit night when He was born
So silent and so still!

The hope and joy that began in Him
The love that still abides!
The praises that were given Him
In my heart still resides!

The quiet bleating of the lambs
As shepherds came to see!
The gifts that the Magi brought
To a Child who would set us free!

The light of a million stars
Shined that night as one!
Guiding men to behold
The Father's only Son!

The harkening of the Angel sound;
The perfection of their voice!
The love that was shared that night
Causes me to still rejoice!

There could be no other night
To compare to this moment in time!
The Savior's birth, the Holy One
The newborn Christ Divine!

The greatest gift to all mankind
Was on that night received!
And all that we must do for this
Is just with our hearts and souls.....


Lynn King December 9, 2006

~And a little Child shall lead the Way!~


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 Midi Yuko Ohigashi


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