~ The Crucifixion ~

Nailed to a cross
Blood dripping from His wounds
Sobbing in the background
A life that will end too soon.

The weight of this world
He agreed to take upon
The sins of every being
For them, He had to be strong.

Ridiculed and punished
And treated like a slave
Condemned and crucified
So their souls could be saved.


The weight of His body
Is too much to bear
He lifts His head slowly
And mumbles a prayer.

'Please forgive them Father
For they know not what they do'
He sighs His last breath
His life He gave for YOU!


His blood drips from the cross
And pools upon the ground
The sky begins to darken
As they lower His body down.


His mother rushes to Him
And cradles Him in her arms
Tears flow freely from her eyes
They no longer can do Him harm.

They laid His body to rest
In a tomb that was borrowed
Rolled a stone in front of it
Consumed with so much sorrow.


He rose three days later
The stone He rolled away
Mary witnessed His vision
And wept with joy that day.

'Do not look for me here
I'm called to my Father's side
Continue on with my work
In Heaven you will reside.'

His message is for all of us
Our sins have been taken away
But we need to keep Him in our hearts
And fill our lives with daily prayers.


Chee Chee Martin 2008
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul
Whispered Words


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 Midi is used with permission
Bill Sandy


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