~ The Dreamers ~

In this world of mass confusion,
When it isn't clear, it seems,
Just who is sincere and who isn't ~
Which one plots and which one dreams;

In the midst of this disillusion,
This one thing stands out SO TRUE:
I'm so glad there are still dreamers;
And I'm so happy I found YOU:

A man who still believes in
What is right and what is wrong;
A man who still has values
And whose values are still strong;

A man in whom I can trust
And who returns that trust in me ~
A man who KNOWS the BEST things
In this life are given free!

One who sees that so much beauty
In this world still exists today;
Who believes that life is what we make it;
And that which is REAL is all that stays.

A man who's willing to work hard at
A relationship worth working for ~
That the best is worth all the waiting ~
And that waiting makes it worth more!

A man who's honest and so caring;
Who doesn't plot and doesn't scheme.
A man who keeps on dreaming ~
And can share those golden dreams!

Oh, yes, it has been worth the wait
For a heart that beats so true ~
I am so happy I have waited ~
I'm so glad that I found YOU!

By Lynn King
May 25, 2007

~ For my dreamer...who is not afraid to follow his dreams
and wait till they come true!~
~ FOR LtCol Robin Wall, US Army/Retired ~

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