~ The Essence Of A Friend ~

A friend unseen is the purest gift
For an unseen friend loves from the heart
With eyes that see from deep within
Of heart-to-heart alone impart

A friend unseen hears with the soul
An unseen friend will love your all
With ears that listen without voice
From soul-to-soul alone to call

A friend unseen judges with the mind
An unseen friend is one to find
With thoughts of loving care and prayer
From mind-to-mind alone be kind

A friend unseen is of essence spirit
An unseen friend is heaven sent
To know with eternal sight alone
My unseen one is you my friend

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2008

An internet Christian friendship is like
the relationship we have with our Lord Jesus.
We do not have to see the friend
to know and understand them.
We have an understanding,
and know how to help each other,
pray for one another, show compassion and love,
how to laugh and have fun -
all without seeing each other.
We only communicate with
the essence of our spirits
and with our written words
Marjorie 2003

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midi... Chen Li De Yue Guang
By Mavis Hee Main Theme From "Toufu Street"
Arr & Trans by : Alvin Ho J.C.

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