~ The Fence ~
by: O' Puppy

A Boy and a girl, their eyes stare with doubt
From opposite yards, the young lad would shout
"Hey, if you would like, I'll come play with you
And we could be friends, I've nothing to do."

She smiled as she spoke, a voice soft and sweet
"I can't just right now, I have to go eat."
"That's fine," he would say, "I'll be over here."
A fence would divide, this friend he found dear

"Ok," as she waived, and hurried inside
Oh wow, he imagined, his head swelled with pride
From that moment on, they met every day
And talked through the wire, that stood in the way

Two fingers would join, symbolic to each
Of friendship that grew, where walls couldn't reach
As fate played its hand, their bond turned to steel
The love they had dreamed, was finally real

This boy and a girl, so simple to life
Would one day be joined, as husband and wife
A fence only stands, to keep those apart
When emptiness rules, a misguided heart


Ronnie Shreve
 2003 used with permsion

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