~ The Gardener ~

Down in the valley of Heaven,
In between the mountains of God,
There lives a gardener and his wife
Who plant a garden in the Heavenly sod.

He loves his work that God gave him,
It was his dream before he came home.
He works everyday with a smile on his face,
Because with Jesus he is never alone.

He sings out, “Praise God in the Highest!
And bless this crop for my King,
I grow these wonders God gives me,
And find joy in the blessings they bring”.

You can see him working there daily,
He waters and cultures each plant,
Then He prays to His Father to bless them,
Which He knows that God gladly will grant.

For the greatest of all celebrations,
The Lord says, “Call The Gardener to prepare,
The bounty from his Heavenly Garden,
It is time for his work to be shared”.

So, come and sit at the table,
And share in the bounty God brings.
The Gardener smiles with great joy at this sight,
Because, it is his garden that today feeds our King.

Karen Bunker
© August 26, 2008
To Michael

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