~ Mother's Day Tribute To My Friend ~
The Heart Of A Woman Of God

Friends are priceless treasures,
Sent from God above,
Who reach out in unselfish favor,
To offer help and love.

Then sometimes, there is one so kind,
That you canít even believe itís true.
A new friend that your heart drew in,
Like she had always been with you.

You wonder how you were so blessed,
And you pray for her to know,
That she has blessed your life so much,
And you have come to enjoy her so.

God speaks about the virtuous woman,
That her price is above rubies or gold.
When you have a friend who is called by this name,
Her children will love her as she grows old.

They will always arise and call her blessed,
And her husband will praise her, too.
Few there are who find one like this,
But I can see these virtues in you.

Your family has been given the best,
And I somehow found you to be,
A lovely surprise and a friend that I love,
Thank you for the friend you have been to me.

Karen Bunker
© January 6, 2010

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