~ The Love You Have Given Me ~

There is in this world, so much love to be found
Open your heart, believe, in your soul it will come around
The love you have given me has beauty which is true
God gave you to me, so your love will be forever new

In the winter when it snows all night
In the spring, listening to the birds in flight
Or when leaves land or hot sun falls on desert sand
Love is in all the seasons, in suffering and pain
The love you have given me, always stays the same


Watch the animals in every form of life
In the forest, when it is late at night
The love you've given, is as the beauty God has made
My only gift I want is for you to always stay
When you truly love, you have special sight, it is true
For when you find that person, it is ever new


The love you have given me is everything I know
You are kind, gentle, your love for me surely shows
When you love completely, you'll never have a broken heart
There is love in your eyes, such goodness to impart

I feel like starlight's in my eyes, the moon shines endlessly
As beautiful as the blue sky, is the love you've given me
I am glad God gave me you, when I touch or hold you close
Happiness in your heart is what I wish for most.


Linda Ann Henry 2007
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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