~ The Master's Creation ~

As night has fallen and stillness surrounds
His voice I hear calling, that glorious sound!
Daylight is peeking, how gently it enters!
Our hearts God is seeking, for there lies our centers.

"Mornin' Father, Be with me this day.
I offer my all, bless us, sweet Agape`"
Sweet sunlight's brilliance lets hues abound,
While angels are singing their awesome sound!

Li'l birds add harmony with spectacular array!
All nature combines, blending, loving, HURRAY!
All saints, all humans, all earth's creatures sing,
To God be all glory, His ways everlasting.

Dusk slides gracefully, soft rain waters greenery,
Stars twinkling, smells hovering, such lovely scenery!
Mountains in the distance, tower in latitude
The Master's creation, we owe Him gratitude.

May we be protected, defended and warmly embraced.
By Christ Jesus our King, our sins He'll erase.
We need but repent, confess, then claim His cross,
Oh Lord, Almighty God, is ever the BOSS!


Diana Norris aka: Ladydi 9/11/2007

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