~ The Midnight Star ~

The midnight star is always there
But it only shines at night
It sits so high up in the sky
And always shines so bright.

This midnight star shined its best
So many years ago
So bright it shined on that night
With such a Heavenly glow.

It led three wise men to a manger
Where laid a baby fair
Special was He; they knew He would be
This child who would show He cared.

Many gifts were laid at his feet
A lot of people came to see
This child of love, sent from above
Would take on the sins of history.

That star still shines ever so bright
Just not the way it did before
But it will again; I assure you my friend
When He walks us through Heaven's door.

Chee Chee Martin 2008
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul
Whispered Words


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Sequenced and written by B.J.Wallace
Christmas 1997


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