~ The One Who Comforts ~

How many times have I come to you,
in pain and suffering through the years.
How many times have the tears flowed,
as I clung and sobbed about my fears.

Yet there is a light that shines so bright,
it comes from knowing One who comforts me.
The One who dries all tears and burden takes,
who's in my heart as problems flee.

Why does the darkness come over me,
to shut out the light from up above?
It's hard to change and come from beneath,
the cloud of heaviness I must learn to shove.

You see I still depend on "I", not on You,
that's where the difficulty seems to be.
Oh, let me see thy face, feel thy strong arms,
comforting me, or I shall surely die.

As the cloud lifts, my heart quickens,
in love and anticipation of Thee.
I know where my good always comes from,
Lord, help me, so I can be free.


Joan C. Nelson-Payne

"I sought the Lord, and He heard me,
and delivered me from all my fears."
Psalms 34:4 KJV


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