~ The Pretty Gate ~

You slipped in through my little gate
a lovely visit to be had.
First we paddled our work n' weary feet
for you had walked so very far...
It was warm a little while,
then we dried off and wandered
all about, along the flowery path.

We linked our arms and chatted
color, fragrance, texture and delight.
Then we had to have a cup of tea
with creamy scones and strawberries
for they were ripening today...
It was especially good catching up on all
our news, oh, endless things to say.

We meandered as we talked
among the fruit trees, picking mulberries
and we laughed
because our lips and tongues were black,
and that was nice too, laughing,
Being together,
sharing this and that.

And then suddenly you noticed the time
and had to run, back out the pretty gate-
I waved goodbye, and stood a while reminiscing,
then turned and oh I smiled
as I knew you would return,
for there draped upon the little table
you had left your pretty coat and hat.

Soft missyu whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2008

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