I wonder what it's like on the other side
Where there's no suffering or pain
Where everything is beautiful and serene
And love never seems to wane.
The trials and tribulations we have to endure
Are lessons we're supposed to learn
We're not put here to go blindly through life
We've been put here to take our turn.
To try and get it right this time
To love everything He did create
No matter what color, religion or sex
On this we should be able to relate.
Instead we continue to make the same mistakes
We let hatred and greed dictate our life
I'm afraid we'll never be free of the suffering and pain
We've created a planet full of strife.
Why can't we learn to love one another
Why do we have to kill
Why can't we spread the joy of His word
Instead of fighting His will.
He's promised us the beauty of heaven
The ten commandments He made to help us
All we have to do is follow His rules
No exceptions - this is a must!

And then He will give to all of us
Everything we seem to crave so much
Like unconditional love and peace
It is definitely within our touch.
Chee Chee Martin
2003 used with permission

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