~ There By Your Door ~

There by your door, each day you wait,
To glimpse me from afar,
There you watch, you gladly wait,
With love tucked in your heart.

There by your door you sweetly stay,
Though you may go inside,
As always by your door of welcome
Your soul of love abides.

And as you do your daily chores
Your eyes keep watching at the door,
Watching for my coming
With your soul forevermore.

For, now's the time that I will come
Right to your precious heart,
For, where'er you are this very day
I'm with you from afar.

This moment now, is our forever
Today, our treasured all,
Our God has brought us close together
Within that open door.


Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems July 2009

"If we are ever to enjoy love, now is
the time, not tomorrow or next year...
Today should always be our
most together day."

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