~ There Is Nothing God Cannot Do ~

When you are sick, lonely
or feel you have no friends,
Pray to The Lord Jesus for the hurt
to somehow end...
And as you feel all of those things
Look up to the clouds on high,
You will see a wondrous sky.

You will see God's light above
Jesus listening, as you cry
Ask Him to give you strength-
When you feel sick in your heart,
lonely in your soul
and do not know which way to go.

Watch closely then,
for Jesus may send a little miracle
of the smallest kind
A pretty butterfly may appear,
to open up her wing with love divine.

Up high upon the tallest pine,
Jesus can show a gift when you need it most
A heavenly butterfly-
a gift of love from The Holy Ghost

Today a miracle may come true-
There is nothing our Savior can not do,
When we become all meek and mild.
Give Jesus all your prayer this day,
Thank Him now
for showing you the way.

Linda Ann Henry 2009
Do you remember me
The people's poet

The greatest gift God gave,
Was when He gave Himself to,
Die in our place

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